Week 2 – (I created a new “page” not new “post”) So I copied it and made it a post.

While I have been exposed to Google Docs before, this week I learned how to actually create one of the documents. I also learned that there is a spreadsheet, form and presentation that you can create from the sight. I also learned that Google Docs uses “cloud computing” and what that is. I like how with cloud computing you do not need to worry about saving it to a flash drive, or emailing it to yourself. Whenever I do work at home, I often forget to email it to myself or I forget the flashdrive. Then I always have to redo the work quickly in the morning at school and it is never as good. Cloud computing would definitely help with that!

I like how the Google Documents are saved online and can be accessed at the same time. You can pretty much use this site for any classroom lesson. I think that students would also be able to create a google presentation on their own. My students just finished researching an amazing animal and created a PowerPoint with the information. If students used Google presentation instead, they would be able to work on it at home (adding information, or editing information). This would help take up less classroom time completing the project. 

When students play online games, or do online mini- lessons, I don’t necessarily get their scores or know how they did. I like how when you use the Google Forms, their answers appear on the spread sheet. I also like how you can pretty much create the questions that you want to create. You can use Google Documents for comprehension, vocabulary, as a reteach lesson, assessment, differentiation, reinforcement, enrichment and review. It’s nice to be able to create your own document that students can easily access online.

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