Week 6- Hotlists

My hotlist site!



My hotlist goes along with my webquest topic- Habitats. It will be for my second grade students during out habitat unit.

One site that I found was http://kids.mongabay.com/elementary/202.html. Mongabay.com is a site created to raise awareness about the environment and wildlife.  One problem is that there is a good amount of advertisements the page. Some of them are actually hyperlinks (just like the ones they clicked on to get to the site). I do not want the students to think the advertisements are more resources and click on them. I originally chose the link that went to the main rainforest page, but I found it to have a lot of links and words on the page. I thought that my students might be too overwhelmed by all of the links and it might take them awhile to choose the link that gives them the information that they are looking for. Since they are focusing on specific parts of the rainforest, I chose to just use the “animal” section of the website for the students to look at. Though this site is trying to persuade people to join their cause, the kids section has a lot of good information about rainforest life. This site has a lot of pretty pictures of rainforest animals and a lot of useful information. Hopefully the students do not get navigated away from the site. 

Another site I found was  http://www.discovertheforest.org/what-to-do. This site was created to raise awareness of local and national forests and parks. It is encouraging kids to get out and explore these areas.  This site is really cool because you get to take a virtual hike in a national park. You find animals on the way and if you click on them, it shows you pictures, videos and you can even hear the sounds that they make. Everything is large , clutter free and the site is very simple for students to navigate around. There are also no advertisements for kids to accidentally click on. One con is that it is hard to get back to the original page of the link. Also, I could see some of my students getting distracted by the audio and video components of the site. They might take too much time looking for all of the animals and not enough time taking notes and researching the info that they need.

2 thoughts on “Week 6- Hotlists

  1. I also created the same hotlist in Word. I wasn’t sure if the list on diigo was visually appealing enough for my students. I added some clipart and fun font to my word hotlist.

  2. Jenn-

    Using Diigo allows your resources to be available from a variety of places. Nice job. Putting it into word to make it visually appealing may be helpful for the kids who need that stimulation too. Still, your resources are a good starting point for the habitat research.


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