Week 7- Activexpressions (new learning)

I really had no clue what the ACTIVexpressions were. After reading the articles, I see that they really can help enhance a lesson and allow students to give answers in many ways. Activexpressions allow students to answer questions in multiple forms such as multiple choice, yes and no, sort in order, likert scales, text and numeric input. Like the ACTIvotes, teachers receive student data instantly and can access it in the form of graphs, and charts. You can also look at a list of student names along with their individual answers. I like how there is so much variety in what you can do with the expressions in your classroom. The article gave a lot of good, creative examples of ways to use them in a lesson. I would definitely like to try one out and see which options I could use with my students, and which may be too hard for them (if any). Hopefully I will get to use them in the future and gain more hands on experience with them.

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