Week 12- Publisher

I really liked Publisher. I didn’t know that it existed. I learned that you can create a variety of templates, such as a brochure, greeting card, letter, poster, newsletter, and a certificate. I was able to brainstorm a bunch of activities just looking through the different templates that they already have for you. You can use one of their many templates, or create your own. It was pretty easy to use. It was similar to Word and PP, so I was able to create my assignment fairly quickly. The only thing I didn’t like was the lack of clip art (unless it was just this computer). I had to search for clip art in other places, which took up some time. I think that Publisher really helps bring variety to assignments (especially in reading), instead of the same types of worksheets. I will definitely be using this program!

My brochure activity, “Camping Brochure,” will be printed out and given to each student after reading the book “Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night.” This story is about camping. I think this will be a fun activity to do as a “May do” assignment. Students will follow the template of the brochure filling out their answers under each column. They will add pictures to go along with their answers (minus the “rules” section). Students will be given more instruction, for example: draw pictures to go along with your answers, you need to have at least 3 answers in each section, neat handwriting. Students may go back to the story to recall details, and they can also use their own experience/ background knowledge.

One thought on “Week 12- Publisher

  1. Jenn,

    Hi. I am glad you found new uses for Publisher both for yourself, your kids, and possibly parents.

    Your activity is a nice tie-in to the story to reinforce ideas learned and as a “may-do” activity it would be interesting to know if they were any more motivated by the idea of creating a brochure.


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